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Martha Tadesse

Martha Tadesse is a community development and theology student at EGST, graduating in June, 2016. Passion for photography, story telling and singing. Currently working with orphans, street children and women through the volunteer team she founded, faith for Ethiopia volunteers team.

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He knows it all

Published in Opinions
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 08:32
When was the time you asked God about certain things that you need to have or change in your life? , times you cried river praying for his intervention in situations you knew you cannot change by hook or crook? , times you thought it was the end and harbor in your hearts a smoldering anger? , those mysterious and inscrutable up and downs of life wh...

Christianity is not an endless blessing.

Published in Social Issues
Monday, 11 January 2016 14:36
My spiritual journey is hot and cold. There are times I couldn’t wait to get home, have me and God time with praise and worship and, times I sleep on my challenges than take them to the cross. There are times I couldn’t stop talking about God’s hand and times I don’t really want to talk about God, truth be told. I have met different kinds of Christ...

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