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Semayawi Thought is a nonprofit online magazine published in Amharic and English both, a platform for Ethiopian Evangelical Christians Professionals and for those who are attracted in Semayawi (heavenly) thoughts. 

Our online magazine is much more than a blog, which is simply a chronological list of posts focused on publishing different types of spiritual contents and devoted to personal and spiritual growth. Together as a community, we will experience the fullness of life, grow spiritually and personally.

For those of you who have been wishing to read and write your deepest reflections and ideas for Ethiopian Churches, Semayawi Thought will provide you opportunities.

On Semayawi Thought, we issue a spiritual perspective on world events as well as tools for your spiritual practice, all based on Bible. Filled with convenient as well as inspirational content, hoping it will change your life. And don't miss our ever-expanding line of bringing quality contents to Ethiopian Christians!

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About Us

Semayawi Thought is an online magazine published in Amharic and English, focused on contents to spiritual and personal growth.

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