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The scale on which we stand is also the diet we live on.

Written by  Monday, 31 August 2015 06:35
BBC’s Week in Pictures BBC’s Week in Pictures

You don’t easily weigh animals, as it doesn’t make sense to them to stand on the weighing scales. People at the London Zoo had an idea for the annual weigh-in though. According to BBC’s Week in Pictures each penguin was offered a fish, anchovy, to step on the scale.


The incentive seemed effective as they are pictured waiting eagerly to step on & grab their delicacy. You get fed to get measured was the catch phrase. How do we go about our periodic checks? Instant motivation is for animals or babies. For us it should be excellence. So we need to constantly step on the divine scale revealed in God’s Word.


Paul wrote to the problematic church at Corinth, “But if we examined ourselves, we would not be judged” (1Co 11:31). Our weight matters a lot. The scale on which we stand is also the diet we live on.

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Nahusenay Afework is a freelance writer and communications consultant. His study at Addis Ababa University earned him MA in Literature. He takes pleasure in writing and consulting people. He is also involved in church ministry in the domain of teaching.

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