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He never fails

Written by  Sunday, 06 December 2015 20:46

Lots of goodness flipped before my eyes in the past few months. It felt as if my life was bouncing from one mountain of joy to another. The time marked completion of my post graduate study. Not only all the study engulfed student life was over, I graduated summa cum laude. A job that seemed to be tailored to my skills followed, though it was to last for only a month. Amid the busy hours of a work day, my publisher called to tell me that my first book was on the market. I had to struggle to control my giggles on the meeting I had immediately afterwards. The month was quickly over and on the last day of my work, I had to get my luggage ready for travelling. As soon as I wrapped up my work reports and emailed them, I had to rush to the airport. I was to attend a global Christian writer’s conference.  I networked with writers and publishers in a dreamlike environment that was conducive for inspiration. I was then able to travel to Dubai to have a vacation with family and celebrate my birthday.


With all these wonderful experiences taking place, there were moments when worry pricked my being. Deep down in my heart lied insecurity. There was not anything to expect after this wave of good things. When I return home, I will be an unemployed graduate. Questions flooded me as soon as I started listening to myself. What will happen when this honeymoon season is over? What will be my next writing project? Will I be able to write a good one? Will I find work that provides me with dependable income? How do I make the best out of life? What does the future hold?


Of course, such thoughts run at the back of my mind as I toured around the glamorous city of Dubai. One of the days, my cousin and I decided to go to Burj Khalifa to see the skyscraper. At the Dubai mall, we went into a huge bookstore to look at books. Our feet were weary before we could even properly scan the categories of books. We hurried to catch the water show at the Dubai fountain. Before our smiles from the show could go from our faces we went around looking at the exotic cars. We brought a lot of laughter out of the valet’s extremely cautious driving. We passed by a statue of piled rectangular objects which seemed to look like caskets. We had ourselves wonder at the ways of the wealthy as we bumped into merchants. We savored pastry from a fast food kiosk before we made our way out.


As we were walking on the bridge from Souk al Bahr, I asked my cousin to stop and take pictures of me. Right then, something caught my eyes. A pen! A ballpoint pen - with a phrase printed on it - was stuck upright on a corner of the guardrail. As we went closer, we were able to read the words printed on it . . . Jesus never fails! Those words penetrated my deeper thoughts to push my worries away and soothe me. I shook my head in realization . . . Jesus never fails! Yes, he who has brought me so far is trustworthy to carry me till the end, till eternity!


I think, whoever left that pen there has done it intentionally. And for me . . . it was a message direct from the heavens. Indeed, Jesus never fails! What a lasting guarantee in this unpredictable life! Who under heavens could provide such an assurance?!!

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Hermela Solomon

Hermela Solomon is passionate about God and the Arts. She has written  continuous articles on Addis Admas, worked at Whiz Kids Workshop (tsehay memar twedalech) and contributed 3 books as part of the package to encourage Early Graders reading.

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