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Christianity is not an endless blessing.

Written by  Monday, 11 January 2016 14:36

My spiritual journey is hot and cold. There are times I couldn’t wait to get home, have me and God time with praise and worship and, times I sleep on my challenges than take them to the cross. There are times I couldn’t stop talking about God’s hand and times I don’t really want to talk about God, truth be told. I have met different kinds of Christians in my life but it is always a surprise to meet the “I am blessed, life is a bed of roses” kind of Christians. We live in a fallen world! Life can never be easy and is not meant to be easy in fact, we have been told that the journey would be hard. (John 16:33)


We are liars of our feelings, emotions and situations. We lie about our blessings as if God would give us a trophy. We lie about our health as if we will be granted another life. We are hurt inside but our response never changes “I am so great, praise be to God…I am always blessed”, no you are sick, you may request some prayers. We cry ourselves to bed yet have the guts to say, “God blessed me with such an amazing sleep”. We make others wonder if they are cursed or not by sharing the unrealistic wonder land of the spiritual journey, endless blessing, we wish we lived. (It is IMPOSSIBLE) Imagine if we shared our sufferings, pain and misery openly with others and asked for their prayers? That would have been a true blessing.


It is great church has a testimony session between sermon and worship but church service needs to have “What I am going through and how I need your prayers” session, don’t you think so?! Don’t you think it is enough for us to clap over “God gave me a new car…God gave me a wife”? Praise God about the things he has done but we should also listen to the unthinkable lives many Christians are going through, their poverty state, unanswered prayers and their faith challenges. One of my very favorite Facebook page, Humans of New York, shared a story of a woman who carries a piece of paper in her purse for self-encouragement and it says, “If we all throw our problems in a pile and we saw everyone’s, we’d grab ours back”. We all have challenges, we have to stop denying and accept the beautiful challenges that help us grow and mature in becoming a good use of God’s blessing to his nation. Christianity is not an endless blessing rather endless challenge that helps us grow and to be a blessing for others.

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Martha Tadesse

Martha Tadesse is a community development and theology student at EGST, graduating in June, 2016. Passion for photography, story telling and singing. Currently working with orphans, street children and women through the volunteer team she founded, faith for Ethiopia volunteers team.

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