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Beza Kassahun

Beza Kassahun

Child of the most high Adonai, a daughter to my parents and grateful wife to my husband. I am by nature an enthusiastic writer, And with formal education a Sociologist and Social anthropologist. Welcome to my frontier, the one and only soothing act I discovered by far, Writing and Reading.

International Relation courses - Malmo Sweden University

Sociology & Social Anthropology - Addis Ababa University

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Judah..... A life that broke my heart into pieces let's rewind a little... Let’s not forget that Judas was an apostle, with all that this entailed. He was hand-picked!!!!! by Jesus to take a special role in the work of spreading the gospel. Judas was exposed to as much teaching and as many miracles as anyone, and even participated.

Who altered the meaning of news?

Published in Social Issues
Tuesday, 09 December 2014 00:00
An awe-inspiring thought came to my mind as I opened the television to catch up with the rest of the world earlier today. One after the other the news reporter started to deafen my ears with nothing but a load of atrocious news around the globe. I sat down in astonishment speculating may be, just maybe I might end up listening to some good deeds we...

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